K-40 Edge Banding Machines


Glue heating time (Average) 20 rpm
Squeeze thickness 0,40x3 mm
Squeeze height 60 m
Part Dimensions to be Squeeze 120 x 150 mm
Operating speed (per minute) 11 m
Front - end cutting engine speed 12000 rpm
Front - end cutting engine saws 80 x 20
Router engine speed (Per minute) 12000 rpm
Router knife 6 Blades R 3
Radius Milling R3
Polishing engine speed 3000 rpm
Electic power 6.6 kW
Reducer speed (per minute) 21 rpm
Pneumatic bar pressure 5 ATU
Glue tank volume 3 kg
Lenght 3150 mms
Windth 700 mms
Height 1450 mms
Weight(Average) 735 kgs

Front -end cutting group
Router group
Radus milling
Polishing group